Kit’s Wilderness Review


September 27, 2015 by moocowvindaloocow

Kit’s Wilderness is about a boy who moves back to his hometown called Stoneygate and encounters some other teenagers who’s families have lived there for many generations. After playing a strange traditional game, Kit is drawn to the leader of the gang, John Askew which lands him in trouble…

Kit’s Wilderness is a very deep book that plays with what death is and how people are drawn to it. I loved how the book starts, quiet and peaceful in a little village with normal people in normal circumtances, unlike many other teenage books. I also loved how realistic it was, yet it still had action scenes.

I would reccommend this to anyone who can persevere with a book because it starts off quite boring and then gradually builds up with suspense and action. I would give this book *** and a half because authough the charcters were very good, it was very short and needed a bit more to it.


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