Mind Games


September 29, 2015 by moocowvindaloocow

Mind Games by Teri Terry
Mind Games is a fantasic book about a dystopian world where people are judged not just by their intelligence but how rational they are. In this world, everyone over the age of 10 has an implant and the streets of London are empty because everyone is ‘plugged in’. There are ‘addicts’ wandering the streets who can’t stop playing on their implants.
Luna, the main character, is a refuser – someone who dosen’t want to be educated through implants – and she’s always behind everyone else in her school, so it comes as a surprise when she’s invited to a testing center to see what university she could go to. The only trouble is that somthing very mysterious is going on in the testing centre – can Luna figure out what is going on before her time runs out?
I love mind games because most dystopian novels are very similar but it is quite different. The discriptions gave me a very clear picture of what the characters were going through and the characters were also very well constructed. At times, the book linked back to certain moments which give you small clues to what is going on. I would give this book 9/10 because I would prefer the middle a little more fast paced because it got a bit boring

2 thoughts on “Mind Games

  1. catlover2011 says:

    Must read that then! 😀


  2. Yeah!😎 met Teri Tery, the author of this book and she was great. Looking out for her trilogy – slated🙌.


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