Book vs Film- The Maze Runner


October 6, 2015 by moocowvindaloocow

I’ve decided to do a new item, Book vs Film, so let me know what you think :).

The Maze Runner film is great. Exellent special effects, actors and good representation of the book. A lot of things in the film didn’t happen in the book but overall I thought that it was very good.

The maze runner book, however, didn’t at all live up to my expectations. I had heard great this about this book but overall, it was quite boring :(. I got the idea from the first book that the second book would be much better but at the moment I can’t quite bring myself to read it.

Therefore, this time the film wins my vote on the book vs film challenge!image


One thought on “Book vs Film- The Maze Runner

  1. catlover2011 says:

    Oooohh! The film beats the book! :0


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