5 last minute halloween book character costumes

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October 27, 2015 by moocowvindaloocow

Halloween is near 🎃🎆! Time for some last minute costumes inspired by book characters…

1. Katniss Everdeen

A Katniss costume is pretty simple. Wear some biege trousers👖 and a black coat with some leather boots👢. Wear a side braid and carry a bow and arrow with you. You could add some mud to your face for and added arena look 😎.

2. Erudite faction member

For this costume, you will need to wear at least one item of blue clothing and some black glasses👓 which you can pick up at somewhere like Claire’s. You could also tie back your hair with a blue ribbon to add more faction colours 👤. The idea of this costume is to just wear as much blue as possible 👖👟🎓 and look smart👔👠📗!

3. White rabbit 🐇from Alice in wonderland

To achieve this costume, find some rabbit ears🐰. You may have some left over from easter or you could find them in a charity shop. If not, attach some white pipe cleaners that are bent into the shape of rabbit ears onto an Alice band. Also, wear white clothes, a waistcoat👔 and carry around a pocket watch⌚. Finish it all off with a white pom pom stuck on the bum to look like a tail.

4. Harry Potter

This is a costume that you will probaly have to source clothing for as I doubt that you have uni robes lying around your house🏠. First, get some university robes🎓. You could acquire these from a friend, a charity shop, the internet or look for tutorials on how to make some. You will also need either a red and yellow scarf or tie 👔and some round glasses. For makeup, paint the Harry Potter scar across your forehead.

5. Effie Trinket from the hunger games

To look like Effie, you will need to find a white wig which looks Georgian🎩. Wear lots of makeup with glitter and a crazy colour of lipstick💄. Also wear a frilly dress 👗👚with lots of petticoats if possible. Try and look crazy but posh👒.


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