Boys Don’t Knit (in public)


November 14, 2015 by moocowvindaloocow

Ben Fletcher becomes an accidental criminal after an incident involving an evil lollipop lady and a party. Because of this, he gets put on probation and has very strict rules to follow. As part of the ‘probation journey’ he has to take an extra curricular course at the local collage – but there isn’t much choice. He chooses knitting, as he has a thing for the teacher and thinks it might be fun. The only trouble is that there is a serious chance of him getting found out and becoming endlessly repellent to girls. How will he carry on being a master of mohair whilst juggling his AS levels and keeping it a secret from his manly dad?

Boys don’t knit is a funny book which is fairly quick to read and is quite similar in style to ‘the year in the life of a genius’. It is written as a journal as Ben has to write one for his probation and it tells a story of his chaotic life. Going to parties, getting bullied, having fun on New Year’s Eve and not letting anyone find out that you knit is very hard to do whilst trying to stay out of trouble. He ends up in a tangle of lies – could this affect his knitting performance?

I enjoyed reading this book as it was a witty mixture of awkwardness and growing up. It was a realistic book, nothing that couldn’t have happened today and was beautifully written. The train of Ben’s thought was shown very well throughout the book and his feelings were expressed well. This is a book for slightly older readers, 12+ because of slightly adult themes. I would highly recommend this book to a friend because of the lovely flow of the story and the hilarious comments made by the clueless Ben Fletcher. I would give this book ***** and am looking forward to hopefully reading TS Easton’s seven second delay, which looks good but a different style to this book.


One thought on “Boys Don’t Knit (in public)

  1. catlover2011 says:

    Sounds like a good book! ✔️


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