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December 31, 2015 by moocowvindaloocow

Read her story. Never forget. In a world where men can kill women without getting persercuted, Maresi and her new friend Jai must survive in the red abbey, a sanctuary where men are not allowed.

Part of the red abbey chronicles, Maresi is a haunting book about feminism and becoming mature. The many mysteries within this book leave you guessing and you will often find yourself turning yet another page when you promised that you would just finish your sentence! Finding out about each girls’ past kept me awake at night and I was always anticipating the next tale. Jai and Unai’s violent father casts a dark shadow over all of the characters in this book and it shows how one person can make such an impact. Maresi’s past life also drives her to finding her faith and what she wants to do with her life.

I really enjoyed Maresi and thought that it had a great plot. Every now and then, I still find myself thinking about Maresi, as if she is a real person. I like how the old fashioned concept of an abbey is mixed with a modern thing like women’s rights. I would recommend this to someone who is daunted by reading long books as it is only about 250 pages long. As it is quite gory, I would say it’s for people 12+. My favourite aspect of this book is how realistic it is. Overall, I would give it *****!

Thank you to the publishers for providing me with this book to review!



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